• The Greater Good

    The Greater Good is a cause and commitment to the future of our business, community and children.

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    You are the power behind the progress achieved each year by The Chamber of Greater Springfield.

  • CVB Seven-Year Impact

    See the tremendous impact tourism is having on our community and economy.

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    Invest Your Time, Your Resources And Yourself In Our Collective Future


    Do Good For Your Business And
    Become Part Of The Greater Good


    Your investment in the Chamber of Greater Springfield pays dividends- connecting you to over 800 regional businesses that provide jobs for more than 34,000 citizens. The result is a powerful voice for advocating for a business-friendly climate.


    Get Involved In Community
    Initiatives, Programs Or Volunteer.


    Get involved with a range of opportunities such as our Ambassadors Club, Safety Council, Holideay In The City Committee, Golf Outing Committee, First Friday Events, Farmers Marker and Best Of Springfield/Annual Meeting.


    Invest In The Future Of Greater Springfield
    Through A Pathfinder Investment.


    There many community programs ready to launch. Find out how you or your business can invest in the future of your company, employees and community. Contact Horton Hobbs at hhobbs@greaterspringfield.com.

  • Expanding Opportunities

    See how Expand Greater Springfield is making an impact on our economy, jobs and future.

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